German Pinscher Kennel Orabi Korel

Our Puppies Are Your Pride!

On June 12, 2024, German Pinscher puppies were born in our kennel. To buy a German Pinscher puppy you can contact the breeder by calling +7 911 411-61-63 or by emailing


About Orabi Korel

«Orabi Korel» German Pinscher Kennel

The main activity of the kennel is breeding German Pinscher dogs.

Many years of experience allow us to navigate in the world of cynology on health, education and breeding issues. All dogs in our kennel combine external beauty, health and wonderful personalities.

When purchasing a German Pinscher puppy from our kennel, you can always count on full support from the breeders: raising, feeding, veterinary care, exhibitions preparation advice.

About Kennel

German Pinscher Kennel

The German Pinscher kennel Orabi Korel was registered in the FCI/RCF in 2016. Certificate No.19234.

German Pinscher

Standard German Pinscher

The Standard German Pinscher is an old German breed. Pinschers lived in the stables, attentively guarded the yard, herded sheep, accompanied the carts and were known as excellent rat-catchers.

Pinscher has the same ancestors as Schnauzer, who was called the Wire-haired Pinscher. Initially, the smooth-haired pinscher differed from the wire-haired one only in the color and length of the coat.

Nowadays German Pinscher, an elegant, medium-sized, short-haired dog, has become a city companion dog. Pinschers are very observant, but not empty-headed. They are active, love running and are not aggressive towards people and other animals. Easy to train, very obedient. This breed always wants to be close to their beloved owner. They are aware of all your affairs, however, these dogs do not get on your nerves. They guard your house and car well, while still being polite to your guests.

Dog breed German Pinscher

German Pinscher is a strong, muscular, elegant dog with a short, smooth coat.

You won't ever get bored with a German Pinscher!